Create a Project

From the GenEDA menu select New Pattern-Selection Model.

This will launch a wizard that will let you select:

* if you want to convert an existing uml file (with problem diagrams) to a pattern-selection model

* what pattern-selection model you want to use (empty, catalog, custom modification)

* name for the newly created file

* where (in which project) to place the newsly created file


The first page of the wizard will ask you to select a uml file to convert to pattern-selection. This is optional. You should use it if you have already used the uml4pf tools to and are finished defining your problem diagrams..

Then you can select whether the new pattern-selection model file should have any predefined content. You have three options:

* Use an Empty model. No content.

* Catalog is populated with a set of Architectural Patterns, Problem Frames, Questions, Qualities, etc.

* Custom. You can select a file from the workspace. The file will not be overwritten, rather a copy will be created.


The second page of the wizard will let you enter a name for the newly created file and either select an existing project or enter a name for a new one.


Using the Editors

Currently there are two sets of editors which can be launched by right-click → Open With → PatternSelection Model Editor Designer/User.

Each editor has several Subeditors/Tabs that let you work on different parts of the model. Each Subeditor has a Help Tab that is a screenshot of the editor with various hints and explanations on how to work with the respective editor.


Designer Editor(s)

* ProblemFrames

* Questions

* Qualities

* Benefits

* Liabilities

* Tactics

* Patterns


User Editor(s)

* Problem Diagrams

* Answering Questions

* Quality Ranking