UML4PF-Trust Extension

This tutorial shows how to model with the UML4PF-Trust Extension and also how to run the OCL checks and generate documentation. 


UML4PF-Trust Extension Modeling

Assign the UML profiles for problem frames and for dependability to the model, as explained in the UML4PF manual. You can find general information onhow to setup a new papyrus project and attach profiles here

Read the publications posted on this homepage to understand how the trust and reputation modeling is done.
OCL-based Consistency Checks and OCL-based Security Reasoning 

The OCL checks for consistency and trust reasoning have to be activated via a right click on the file that contains the model.

You can use the OCL interactive console to apply the OCL expressions illustrated in our technical report.

1. Click on the uml file of your model:

2. Click on the root element of your UML model (right window) :

3. Click the control tab (below) :

4. Select the Interactive OCL Console (right):

5. Copy the OCL expression in the lower window of the interactive OCL console:

6. View the result of the OCL expression: