Installation Guide UML4PF

Please remind:

First, click on "Help" and choose "Install New Software".

A new window appears where you can select a site to download the plugin from. Click on the "Add..." button to enter a new site URL. Here, you should choose a descriptive name like "UML4PF" and paste the following URL to the "Location" field:

Choose the site you just added. If "Group items by category" is selected by default, unselect it, and the plugin Uml4pf should appear after some time. Select it and click "Next".

Now, a review appears of all plugins you have selected to install. Click "Next" again to proceed to the license agreement. Since there are no terms of the license agreement, just select "accept" and click on "Finish".

During installation, a security warning appears. Just click "OK" to proceed. When the installation is done, Eclipse will ask you to restart. Choose "Yes". After that, the plugin should work.