Tutorial/Package Importer

This page describes the eclipse plugin Package Importer .The Package Importer enables the user to import packages from one UML model to another one. Please also backup your destination model before using the importer. Have in mind that you have to apply necessary profiles before the import to have stereotypes imported too. Imported packages get a "_imported" suffix attachted to their name.

Usage of the ModelGenerator

Right click on the destination UML model file (the file you want to have elements imported to) and select "Import UML Packages"

Picture 1 : Select UML model file

After that a file dialog will apear. This dialog shows your actual eclipse project. Select the source model (the file you want to have imported from)

Picture 2 : Select source UML model file

A new window will popup. Here you have to select the packages which you want to import.

Picture 3 : Select packages to import

Finally you can see the importing process in a new eclipse view. By clicking stop, pause and resume you can stop, pause and resume the import process.

Picture 4 : Select packages to import