The Profiles plugin is a "Backround Plugin". It has no own user interface. The only purpose of this plugin is to wrap the by the software engineering workgoup created UML profiles so that these profiles can be used in papyrus for modeling.

Currently the Profiles Plugin contain the following UML Profiles:

How to assign a Profile from the Profiles Plugin to your UML model

1. Select the rood node of your model in the papyrus outline window as seen in Picture 1:

Picture 1: rood node selection

2. Select "Profiles" in the pyprus properties window as seen in Picture 2. You can see that there is currently only "Standard" assigned. Click on the symbol on the right side between the "plus" and the "x" symbols (looking like an electric torch).

Picture 2: papyrus properties

3. In the new appearing window you can select the profiles you want to add.

Picture 3: select profile