TUTORIAL/Setting up a project to use with UMl4PF

Setting up a project to use with UML4PF
1. Update UML4PF
In Eclipse's menu go to Help->Check for Updates


After it finished searching, choose the plugins that you want to update by selecting the corresponding checkboxes and click Next.


As of this writing UML4PF still has no signature so Eclipse will pop up a security alert. Agree to install by clicking OK.

Restart Eclipse for the changes to take effect.


2. Create a Project
Go to File->New->Project...

In the pop up window select Papyrus-> Create a new Papyrus Project and click Next.
Choose a name for your project and the model and click Finish.


3. Share The Project via SVN (plugin support in Eclipse)
Now you have created a project with an empty model (see Navigator and Outline subwindows).  You can share that with other people via  a document management system, in this particular case SVN.
Right-click on the project folder in the Navigator and select Team->Share Project...

In the pop up window select SVN and click Next.


In the next step you can either use an existing repository location and click Finish.


You can also create a new repository location.
After clicking Next, you will need to enter the URL as well as username and password and then click Finish.


4. Get a Project from SVN
Now other people can access your shared project or you can access the projects of others:
in the Eclipse menu go to File->Import, in the pop up window select SVN->Project From SVN and click Next.


Next you will either have to create a new repository location as previously explained or use one from the list of available repository locations and click Next.


In the next step you can select the project and the revision. You would usually want the Head Revision.


If you click the browse window you will get the repository contents to choose from.


After you click Next you can specifiy the name. You would need to do this if you already have a project with the same name or if you want to have different revisions of the same project in your workspace.

With a last click on Finish, you have successfully imported the project into your workspace.